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Can I enroll online?

Yes! Just go to the CompBenefits Web site at And you can enroll eligible members of your family online, too. Of course, you can enroll by filling out the State's enrollment form, if you prefer.

Do I have to enroll in the dental plan to get this vision plan?

No --VisionCare Plan is "stand-alone" coverage. You can buy VisionCare coverage by itself.

Don't I already have vision coverage through my health plan?

No, not like this one! VisionCare Plan covers your eyecare needs on a paid-in-full basis. (Most health/dental plans only offer a discount vision plan.)

Do I have to choose a primary doctor when I enroll?

No--you'll choose any eye doctor in the VisionCare Plan network when you're ready to get plan benefits. You'll receive a complete list of networks doctors with your personalized benefit form. You can also visit the plan's Web site at for a complete, up-to-date list of network doctors at any time.

How do I get benefits?

It's easy. Before you make an eye appointment, first get in touch with VisionCare Plan for a personalized benefit form. You can do this in several ways; by calling the plan's Customer Care Dept. at 1-800-939-5369; or by visiting the plan's Web site at; or completing and faxing your "Request" card to 1-800-421-0100; or mailing the "Request" card to the plan at P.O. Box 30349, Tampa, FL 33630-3349.

You'll receive your benefit form and the list of network doctors by mail. Then make an appointment with the eye doctor of your choice, and take the form with you to your first visit. That's it! You'll sign the form at the doctor's office and pay your co-payments. The doctor does the rest, using your benefit form to bill the plan directly for your covered services.

Can I choose any frame I want?

Yes! You choose any frame that's currently available--which includes thousands of frames the plan covers in full. However, not every frame is fully covered: the plan provides a frame allowance that is equivalent to a retail frame price of up to $150 (prices may vary by location). Frames that aren't covered in full are available at a reduced cost, which can mean significant savings for you.

Can I get an extra pair of glasses?

Yes! The plan gives you a 20 percent discount on a second pair of glasses within 12 months after your initial eye exam from the same network doctor who performed that exam.

Can I get progressive lenses?

Yes. Progressive lenses are available as an upgrade. Progressives and all other upgrades (including tints and coatings) are available on a cost-plus basis, which can mean significant savings for you.

What about contacts?

The plan fully covers contact lenses if they're "medically necessary", as defined by the plan (for example, after certain types of surgery, or to correct certain conditions).

But if you choose contacts because you prefer them to glasses, the plan gives you an allowance of $105 toward the cost of "elective" contacts instead of all other plan benefits for that year. And the plan also gives you a value-added extra toward elective contacts: a 15 percent discount on doctor's fees for the contact lens exam and fittings within 12 months after your initial eye exam from the same network doctor who performed that exam.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about your coverage, call the plan's Customer Care Dept. at 1-800-939-5369 and speak with a Customer Care representative. If you have questions about your eyeglasses or contact lenses, get in touch with your network eye doctor.


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