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CompBenefits' DHMO Plans offer...

Stable Income

One of the greatest benefits we offer the dentists is the ability to access to a stable, more predictable income. Through our DHMO plans, for example, we contract with members who pay a monthly premium to cover the cost of much of their dental services. As a participating dentist, you receive the majority of the premium in the form of monthly capitation.

Your actual monthly payment is based on the number of patients who select you as their primary care practitioner, as well as the level of coverage they have chosen. This capitation is an excellent way to stabilize your business's monthly cash flow. And with a more predictable income base, you are better positioned to hire an associate, open a satellite office, or even build up your practice to make it more attractive for sale. Whatever your personal goals, more income can help you meet them.

Additional Compensation

Your monthly DHMO capitation provides a solid financial foundation. In addition, your CompBenefits member patients will pay you an additional co-payment for many of the services you provide. With payment received at the time of service, your monthly cash flow is supplemented even further. Most of our DHMO plans require no forms for your staff or your patients to file, no x-rays to duplicate, and no upfront charts to submit. And there are no deductibles and no benefit limits to track, the burden on your staff is minimal. Your patient and your staff can easily determine the exact benefit and co-payment amount by referring to the schedule of benefits. This gives your staff a simple way to explain the treatment program as well as the patient's cost.

Your Company is in Good Company

Your affiliation with CompBenefits places you among a group of dental practitioners who hold to the highest standards. Each participating dentist is qualified through an extensive evaluation process designed to ensure the quality and integrity of CompBenefits' reputation, as well as to maintain a good reflection on your practice. Our Quality Management Program is structured to help you identify and achieve standards set by OSHA, the CDC, and the ADA. Our screening procedure includes on-site reviews of applicants' practices, conducted by a Professional Relations Representative under the direction of one of our full-time Dental Directors. Your Professional Relations Representative then provides an initial orientation upon your enrollment. Our Customer Care and Professional Relations Department serves as a full-time support staff to answer any questions or resolve additional needs that arise. CompBenefits gives you all the support features of one of the largest dental networks in the nation, while you retain all the freedom of a private practitioner. CompBenefits doesn't give you more red tape, just more patients.

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