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Reduced Fee-For-Service (RFFS) Plans

CompBenefitt's RFFS Plans offer...

Predictable Income.

CompBenefits' Reduced Fee for Service dental plans are CompBenefits Direct DiscountDental Plan, CompSave, Texas Dental Plan, and National Dental Plan. They arediscounted, fixed-fee benefit schedules which are marketed to local, individual,and multi-state employer groups. The benefit schedule provides members with adiscount of approximately 20-to-40 percent off usual fees depending on regionand procedure performed. As a Participating Dentist, your practice benefits fromincreased patient flow with no administrative burden.


Payments for services are made at the time services are rendered. The memberand your staff can determine the exact charge by simply referring to the feeschedule. Any financial arrangements are made between you and the member anddo not involve any additional reimbursement from CompBenefits. Our Reduced Fee-for-ServicePlans do not involve third party reimbursements or claim forms.

Ease of Administration

No Deductibles. No maximum annual benefit limitations. No claim forms. Benefits apply to pre-existing conditions. Benefits apply to missing teeth. No referral forms are necessary for specialty care. The member may visit a specialist without being referred by the general dentist

Your Company is in Good Company.

Your affiliation with CompBenefits places you among a group of dental practitionerswho hold to the highest standards. Each Participating Dentist is qualified throughan extensive credentialing process designed to ensure the quality and integrityof CompBenefits' reputation.
Read the RFFS frequently asked questions

RFFS Frequently Asked Questions

How can a RFFS dental plan benefit my well-established practice?

Dentistry is more competitive than ever and a successful dental practice musthave a balance of delivery systems to remain marketable and profitable. CompBenefits'Reduced Fee-for-Service dental plans represent another way to accomplish yourgoals of increasing your patient base and maintaining a positive cash flow.

How do I know what to charge the member for specific procedures?

The charge is based on the member's fee schedule. Payment is made by the member to the dental office at the time services are rendered.

If my fees are more than what is listed on the member's fee schedule, can I charge the member the balance for any of the listed procedures?

As a RFFS Participating dentist, you agree to accept the listed fees as fullpayment for your services.

How are non-listed procedures charged to the member?

Non-listed procedures are charged at a 20 percent reduction from your usual fee.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Yes. Benefits apply to pre-existing conditions.

Are there limits to the annual benefit?

No. Maximum annual benefits do not apply.

Are there benefits for missing teeth?

Yes. Missing teeth are a covered benefit.

What is the standard procedure if the member is in need of specialty care?

No referral forms are necessary for specialty care. The member may visit a participatingspecialist at any time without being referred by the general dentist and withoutpre-certification by CompBenefits.

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