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If you want to expand the number of patients who rely on you for care, take a close look at CompBenefits. 4.8 million people nationwide choose CompBenefits for their dental and vision benefits. As part of that extensive network, your support staff won't spend valuable time on the phone checking eligibility. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all the information you need is available on-line at You'll also receive excellent professional relations service and fast payment. To contact a CompBenefits Professional Relations representative for more information about joining us, click here.

Application for Participation - complete CompBenefits' application by downloading our form online for participation in our DHMO, AdvantagePlus, Dental Access, or PPO Networks.

In a world of changing benefits, here's something to benefit the dentist.

Our goal is to help you incorporate the benefits of CompBenefits into your practice so that it is a profitable and secure part of your business. You can choose to treat only a small number of member patients, or you can build your entire practice from our referrals. Regardless of your growth strategy, CompBenefits can help you effectively manage patient volume and increase your monthly income.

By providing a steady stream of income through a growing patient base, CompBenefits generates the vital factors that will enhance virtually any practice whether you're starting from scratch or building up your existing practice to sell it. And you're free to practice dentistry with out the stifling regulations of some bureaucratic programs. While the world of dental benefits is increasingly challenging for the solo practitioner, there's a solution that benefits you.

CompBenefits is on your side.

In a world where pressures continue to threaten the traditional dental practice, it's nice to know someone is on your side. CompBenefits is helping thousands of dentists like you grow their practices, increase their incomes, and expand their patient bases. We are a total dental benefits company designed to channel new clients into your office through a variety of dental plans. We provide the vital link between employer groups and individuals looking for cost-effective benefits plans and dental practices looking to generate higher income.

Historically, there have been countless debates, heated editorials, and political discussions in an attempt to understand how the new delivery systems affect dentistry. But all the talk in the world won't help you cover your overhead. You need answers - more patients and more income. It's more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy practice. CompBenefits provides a solution.

Where More Dentists are Turning for a Healthier Practice.

Do you currently have open chair time? Would you like to grow your practice, or build an associate's practice more quickly? If so, we can help. CompBenefits is designed to provide a wealth of benefits while letting you retain full control of your practice. We utilize a comprehensive marketing program that is designed to increase your bottom line and give you an influx of new patients at no additional cost to you. Providing you more income; and a broader patient base, CompBenefits is bringing back all the things that attracted you to dentistry in the first place.

Network-based dental plans are now the fastest growing segment of overall health care, advancing more than 20 percent per year since 1985. More and more businesses are looking for ways to provide their employees with cost efficient dental programs. That's why CompBenefits provides DHMO, PPO, Discounted Fee-For-Service, and Indemnity products that meet the needs of these employer groups while enhancing the dentist's ability to generate a profit. By positioning yourself strategically among the dental options available today, you will benefit from this industry trend. CompBenefits gives you access to the growing customer base, while allowing you to retain the freedom of practicing dentistry the way you want.

More Patients!

The most expensive piece of equipment in a dentist's office is an empty dental chair. That's why providing you with a steady stream of new patients is one of the greatest advantages CompBenefits offers. Becoming a CompBenefits provider makes you a vital resource for the patients who have already enrolled with us. We aggressively market your services to maintain a healthy flow of new patients. And with the increased traffic volume through your office, the potential for referrals is higher. Studies in our participating offices have shown that CompBenefits members refer many private patients to the practice. The growth of your patient base can be regulated to meet the objectives of your practice and to keep your work load in balance with your staffing capabilities. All of our programs are designed to be an addition to your practice, not an interference. Our Professional Relations Representatives will work with you to control new patient flow.

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