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How can a DHMO plan benefit my well-established practice?

The belief that capitation programs are only profitable for very young dentists is a myth. CompBenefits has developed plans to help virtually any practice augment its bottom line. CompBenefits gives your practice the advantage of a monthly payment. This monthly income is also transferable, should you decide to sell your practice or retire.

If I treat CompBenefits patients, do I have to give up my private patients?

No. Our goal is to bring you more patients, not to replace your existing ones. In fact, it's likely that your new DHMO patients will generate referrals, thus enhancing your private business. And your affiliation with CompBenefits is non-exclusive, allowing you to maintain participation with any other program.

Do I have to participate with all CompBenefits plans?

While CompBenefits designs plans to benefit the dentist, some plans may not fit your style of practice management. You are free to choose which plans are the best for your office.

What are the qualification for your participating dentists?

One of CompDent's primary goals is to develop and maintain a network of participating dentists who are committed to providing high quality dental care. Central to achieving this goal is our credentialing program.

Each prospective dentist is required to submit a completed Participating Dentist Agreement and a Dentist Application, which includes, state licensure information, professional liability coverage limits, education and professional background. This information is verified with State Dental Boards and the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Under the direction of the company's staff of Dental Directors and in accordance with CompDent's Quality Improvement Program, each prospective dentist's qualifications are carefully reviewed to ensure quality of care and credentialing standards are met.

What impact will the new volume of patients have on my staff?

Our goal is to provide you with a desirable increase in patient flow, not to inundate your practice. You determine the number of additional patients you accept, based on your desired work load. You can simply augment your private business, or build your entire practice around our referrals. It's up to you.

How much control will I maintain in the treatment of patients?

CompBenefits relies on your judgment when treatment decisions are made. Our relationship with you is based on a regard for your professional expertise and provides you ample freedom for referring your patients to specialists or performing procedures that allow you to provide quality care for your clients. Our job is to align ourselves with quality-oriented professionals, not to tell you how to run your practice.

What effect will CompBenefits have on quality care?

The quality of dental care you provide your patients is dependent upon two, simple factors: the dentist and the patient's needs. CompBenefits's main responsibility is to put patients in your chairs so you can practice dentistry that meets with your own standards.

What investment is required to team up with CompBenefits?

Participating with CompBenefits does not require any investment on your part. There are no "sign-up" fees, annual membership fees or referral fees for our services.

How many dentists participate with CompBenefits?

CompBenefits has grown into one of the country's largest independent dental benefits companies. Among our partners are more than 10,000 participating dental offices and over 20,000 group clients. Our size provides strength and stability, and enables you to benefit from quality management, Customer Care, and the input of our team of Dental Directors, comprised of some of the industry's top professionals.

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