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C Series DHMO Plans

Plan Features
  • Most preventive services are 100% covered after a $5 - $10 office visit co-payment.

  • Most other common dental procedures are covered for a fixed co-payment, so there are no hidden costs.

  • Specialist services are discounted at 25% off normal fees.

  • For any procedure not specifically listed, you will receive a 25% discount off the dentist's normal fees.

  • No deductibles

  • No claims to file

  • No waiting periods

  • No benefit maximums
What are the C Series DHMO plans?

CompBenefits' C Series DHMO plans are network-based products that emphasize prevention and cost containment. In order to receive services, you must select a primary dentist who participates in the CompBenefits DHMO network. The plans provide quality care and allow members to seek care from in-network specialists at a 25% discount off normal fees. These plans provide savings ranging from 20-60% on regular dental procedures. The plans do not cover services (except emergency care) received from out-of-network dentists.

How does the plan work?

Under our C Series DHMO plans, you must select a primary dentist from the CompBenefits DHMO network. Your primary dentist will provide all of your routine dental care. When you visit your primary care dentist, simply present your CompBenefits identification card. You may be required to pay a co-payment for some services provided by your primary care dentist. If the dental services provided are not listed as covered procedures under the plans, the primary care dentist will bill you at a 25% discount off normal fees.

Should you require the services of a specialist, you can choose any in-network specialist under the CompBenefits DHMO plan. All in-network specialists have agreed to provide CompBenefits members a 25% discount for all procedures.

The co-payments or discounted charges are billed at the time of service and will be the full portion of your cost for dental services, so there are no claims forms to file. You pay your dentist directly, if applicable.


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