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Agents FAQs

Q. How do I get appointed with CompBenefits?
A. Call your local sales office to request the necessary forms and return completed paperwork and application fee to our sales office. CompBenefits will now pay appointment and renewal fees for those agents that demonstrate a strong relationship with us and continue to produce on an ongoing basis. For information or to find out if you qualify to have your fees paid, please contact your local sales office.

Q. Why do I need multiple appointments?
A. CompBenefits must comply with the requirements of each state's department of insurance (DOI). Many of our products are written through separate CompBenefits legal entities to meet DOI regulations and licensing requirements. Each of the entities, therefore, requires a separate appointment.

Q. Who services my accounts?
A. CompBenefits' local Account Manager will service your account. You also have toll-free phone support from our corporate office. Our local Account Managers are responsible for account retention and consistent communication with our customers in conjunction with the agent or broker of record.

Q. Am I notified when one of my clients has made changes to their contract?
A. Our Account Managers maintain contact and work in conjunction with brokers and agents of record to keep you aware of changes to contracts and service levels.

Q. What is 5500 information and why must it be sent to an employer?
A. Form 5500 is an Internal Revenue Service document that companies file to show their insurance premiums and agent or broker commissions. Not all companies are required to file the form.

Q. What is the cutoff date for submitting new business?
A. Each month, the cutoff date for receiving new business is the 15th.

Q. What is HIPAA and to whom does it apply?
A. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law designed to ensure protection of consumers' Protected Health Information (PHI), such as medical records. HIPAA applies to health plans, insurance companies, and providers, to name a few.

Q. What are my responsibilities under HIPAA?
A. You are required to sign a business associate's agreement (BAA) with us, if you wish to receive a member's protected information or you have to obtain written authorization directly from the member. The BAA outlines your responsibility if you have access to Protected Health Information (PHI). If you do not sign the business associate agreement, HIPAA prohibits CompBenefits from releasing PHI to you unless you have written permission from the member. You can request a business associate agreement at any time.

Q. How do I get a quote?
A. Contactyour local sales office and send us the basic information required to receive a quote. CompBenefits believes that each company seeking dental and vision insurance should choose its own agent or broker. We will provide multiple quotes on a single case unless we have documentation signed by an officer of the employer that designates an agent or broker of record.

Q. How do I get marketing supplies?
A. You can contactyour local sales office.

Q. How do I get an agent/broker Web site?
A. Contactyour local sales office, and our staff will assist you with setting up your page, or click here.

Q. Where and how do I get implementation and open enrollment assistance?
A. CompBenefits' goal during open enrollment is to provide assistance and directionto help you with enrollment growth. Contactyour local sales office to discussyour needs with the Account Manager or Sales Representative.

Q. What products and services are available in my state?
A. CompBenefits'Sell It List outlines the products and services we sell in each of the states in our service areas.

Q. What is
A. is a Web-based service that provides members, groups, providers, and agents access to information about their plans and accounts. offers on-line provider directories as well as plan outlines and benefit summaries. gives benefit administrators an on-line option for updating their accounts, adding and deleting members, viewing their bills, and performing other administrative functions. To access your unique information register at

Q. Can I receive my commissions by direct deposit?
Yes, simply forward us a completed Direct Deposit form and a voided check for the account into which you want us to deposit your commissions.

Q. How do I assign my commissions?
A. Please contactyour local CompBenefits sales office if you wish to have your commissions assigned. Our staff will assist you in filling out the needed paperwork and will answer your questions.

Q. Do you offer agent incentive programs?
A. Based on production requirements, CompBenefits offers GA and RGA override agreements. Also, each of our sales offices provides periodic sales incentives and contests. Contactyour local sales office for more information.


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