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When you place your trust in CompBenefits for your dental and vision benefits, you can rely on us to focus on your employees' dental and eye health care in order to optimize their productivity. During our more 40 years' service in the dental and vision benefits industry, we've developed plans with the best care at affordable prices, worked with groups from three to 200,000 employees, and mastered the art of building and maintaining unparalleled dental and eye care professional networks. You can rest assured that we have the know-how and local service to meet your organization's needs and help you solve your benefit problems. CompBenefits is a service organization that focuses sharply on meeting the needs of employer groups. We currently provide dental and vision benefits to more than 14,000 group customers. Working with major clients in private industry, school systems, municipalities and government groups, CompBenefits and its subsidiaries have gained extensive network maintenance experience and have proven our capability to handle any size employer, large or small.

At CompBenefits, we offer benefit plans with something for everyone. We specialize in low cost, customized benefit plans for employer-paid and voluntary groups.

CompBenefits offers six dental plans:

Indemnity - CompBenefits offers a variety of UCR and PPO plans on a standalone and dual choice basis through our subsidiary, CompBenefits Insurance Company.

PPO - Our PPO plans combine the advantages of managed dental care with freedom of choice (in select markets).

DHMO - With our two DHMO plans - Select and Prestige - members choose a participating dentist from our panel of dentists and get excellent dental care without confusing claim forms or waiting periods.

CompASO - Our claims processing center lets you design your company's plan, and we administer the total claims process.

CompNet - Our network rental plan is a great option for larger groups and organizations. The plan allows you to rent our network on a per person per month basis.

CompSave - Our reduced fee-for-service plan enables members to get up to 40% savings from UCR at extremely affordable rates.

VisionCare Plan, as part of the CompBenefits family, provides vision benefits plans to meet employer's needs.

VisionCare plan is unique in the multiple features that it offers members.

VisionCare Plan is a "dual choice" program. We offer plan members the freedom to choose any provider they wish. While 92% of plan members choose to use one of our providers, members who choose a non-participating provider pay the provider in full and sends the itemized receipt to VisionCare to reimbursement.

Our network of providers is critical to plan participant satisfaction. More than 18,800 optometrists and ophthalmologists' locations participate with VCI across the county.

Our plans provide a wholesale allowance (not retail) for frames that will allow plan members to select from approximately 20,000 frames with no balance billing after their co-payment.

And, if members select frames or upgrades that exceed the wholesale allowance, they do so based on an adjustment to wholesale, eliminating any retail mark-up.

Additionally, we offer the LASIK procedure for plan members who may need it. VCP has contracted with many of the finest LASIK facilities and providers to offer this procedure at substantially reduced fees.

We offer a wide variety of dental and vision plans at competitive values. So, if you have a need for group benefits, CompBenefits is the right choice!


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