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About Humana/CompBenefits

Humana/CompBenefits, based in Atlanta, Georgia is a nationally recognized leader in the development and administration of dental and vision plan benefits. We provide affordable plans to over 4.5 million members in the South and Midwest. This national scope, with a local focus on service, continues to be one of our strengths.

Since 1978, Humana/CompBenefits has consistently and systematically grown its operations to meet customer needs, expectations and market potential. We have established an expertise in managing networks and provider practice management to enhance our administration of benefit plans. Humana/CompBenefits also includes an insurance company subsidiary, Humana/CompBenefits Insurance Company, to complement its comprehensive scope of product offerings.

Humana/CompBenefits is committed to expanding its leadership role in the dental and vision benefits industry. By accepting our responsibility to execute and deliver superior results, we strengthen that commitment to you, our most important customer.

Humana/CompBenefits Family of Companies:

bulletHumana/CompBenefits Company
bulletVision Care, Inc.
bulletHumana/CompBenefits Insurance Company
bulletOral Health Services, Inc.
bulletAmerican Dental Plan of North Carolina, Inc.
bulletNational Dental Plans, Inc.
bulletOHS of Alabama, Inc.
bulletHumana/CompBenefits of GA, Inc.
bulletTexas Dental Plans, Inc.
bulletUltimate Optical, Inc.




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