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Vision Product for Individuals FAQs

How do I obtain a VisionPass form to receive services?
You may request and print out a VisionPass form from our Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact our Customer Care Department at 800-865-3676, Monday-Thursday 8AM-8PM, and Friday 8AM-6PM

How do I locate a provider?
You can access our Web site and search for providers in your area, or you may contact Customer Care 800-865-3676.

When I use a VisionCare provider, what will my out-of-pocket expenses be?
You would be responsible for exam, material, and lens options copays. You would also pay for any frame overages and contact lens overages. The member, as deemed by the plan, would pay all non-covered services.

How can I be sure to get a frame that is covered under my plan?
Members are encouraged to ask the optician at the time they are choosing their frames the following question: “What frames can I choose from so they will be completely covered under my plan.”

My provider does not appear on your Web site, how do I find out if they are on your network?
Contact Customer Care at 800-865-3676.

If I go to a non-panel provider, what will I be reimbursed, and where do I file a claim?
If your group contract states you are entitled to a non-panel reimbursement , you will be reimbursed based on the non-panel rate, less any applicable copays if they apply. You can submit an itemized statement to: CompBenefits, PO Box 30349, Tampa, FL 33630-3349

Does this plan cover eye injuries and/or eye infections?
No, the plan covers routine eyecare services only. The patient’s medical plan should cover medical eye exams.

How do I know if I qualify for Medically Necessary Contact Lenses?
Your doctor will determine if you are a candidate at the time of your visit. Once the determination has been made, the doctor will request authorization from us. The request will be reviewed, and the approval or denial will be sent to your doctor.

If I lose my glasses, will my plan pay to replace them?
No, The plan does not cover lost, damaged, or stolen eyewear.


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