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What are the benefits of joining Vision Care Plan (VCP)?

Vision Care Plan (VCP) Network Providers are part of one of the most successful routine vision insurance plans in America. We believe that your association with us will be of great benefit to you, your practice and your patients.

VCP offers managed and prepaid vision insurance plans to organizations that wish to provide comprehensive health benefits for their members. Our plans are purchased by many different types of organizations: corporations, labor unions, businesses of all sizes, school districts, state and local governments and health maintenance organizations.

Most plans cover an eye examination and, if necessary, corrective lenses and a frame. Coverage is usually either a predetermined cost per employee or based on actual utilization of the benefit.

What are the criteria for participating with VCP?

Eye care professionals undergo an extensive check including credential verification, office suitability, and license and insurance requirements. Eye care professionals applying for network membership must submit a completed VCP Provider Agreement.

Upon receipt, our credentialing staff will review:
  1. Possession of a current professional license to practice optometry, medicine or osteopathy. Ophthalmologists are required to be Board Certified or Board Eligible. We verify these credentials with the applicable state agency.

  2. Applicant education and training, including graduation from medical school and completion of a residency for ophthalmologists and/or graduation from optometry school and completion of specialty training, as applicable, for optometrists.

  3. Applicant's office to confirm that it meets all state requirements and is of sufficient size to provide complete eye care, including sufficient space for supplies, files and records storage. The office must be available for a credentialing site visit if one is required.

  4. VCP providers are required to carry professional liability insurance for $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate.

How many providers participate with VCP?

The VCP network includes over 23,000 independent and retail optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide.

How many members does VCP cover?

VCP membership is 2.4 million.

How will members know that I am a VCP provider?

Members access our VCP provider list at We update this electronic provider list daily.

Is there a cost for participating as a VCP network provider?

There is no cost to join the VCP network.

What is your reimbursement?

Provider reimbursements are based competitively on the provider's geographic region and member demographics. Providers may contact their Professional Relations Representative at 1-866-374-8805 for more specific reimbursement information.

May I use my own lab to fabricate eyewear?

VCP providers have the flexibility to use their own lab or any one of our nationally contracted labs. Members may expect delivery of fabricated eyewear within an average of ten to 14 days.

Do you cover re-fabrication of eyewear in the event the member is not satisfied?

VCP providers will be reimbursed for up to 12 qualifying re-fabrications in a calendar year if a contract lab is used.

What do I charge members who want options (for example, progressive lenses) on their eyeglasses?

VCP is designed to cover in full your patients' basic visual needs with attractive savings on lens, frame and treatment options. Network providers agree to charge the patient the predetermined prices indicated on the VCP Options Price List. The member pays for options offered on the VCP Options Price List, including but not limited to:
  • Progressive lenses
  • Anti-reflective products
  • Photochromic, tinted, polarized or coated lenses
  • Groove, drill or notch, and roll and/or polish
How do I become a VCP Provider?

You may request a VCP Provider Agreement & Application packet by emailing

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