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CompBenefits' acquisition creates the opportunity for complementary products and networks

CompBenefits' brokers can benefit greatly from our pending acquisition by Humana, Inc. Joining this industry leader will strengthen our organization and help us improve our product offerings, provider networks and service delivery. Because we value our relationships with our brokers, we want you to know more about this beneficial change.
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CompBenefits is the vision and dental benefits carrier for nearly 5 million members and growing every day. The company's more than 40 years of success in the oral and eye health benefits industry demonstrates that CompBenefits has the right plan for your vision and dental needs.

CompBenefits' extensive network of dentists and specialists continues to grow. The company's vision network offers convenient access to private practice ophthalmologists' and optometrists' locations throughout the U.S.
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Sales tips – Grow your business relationships with BIG idea thinking
What would make one of your group-prospects or current clients say: "Wow! This is really great and I need to (tell others or increase my business with this agent/broker)?"
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Dental – New Clinical Director is a resource for brokers and clients
Dr. Charles "Charlie" Stewart recently became the new CompBenefits' Dental Clinical Director. At CompBenefits, he is responsible for the interface between the company's dental network and the insurance industry. He also monitors quality and makes recommendations on claims coverage and cost containment. Dr. Stewart is available to brokers as a customer resource. Click here to learn how he can support you as you market our dental products and work with clients.

Vision – Protect eyes during summer sports
Summer is a time to participate in more outdoor sports activities. While sports have proven health benefits, they also carry physical risks. CompBenefits urges all sports participants to guard their vision with protective eyewear. These products are available through the CompBenefits VisionCare network. Click here for facts you can share with your clients on sports injuries and eyewear.



Does CompBenefits offer any clinical information I can use to help market your products?
You can find the help that you need in our latest white paper about the medical integration trend, specifically linking oral and ocular health with comprehensive health and wellbeing. In addition to helpful facts, you will find information on stabilizing healthcare costs by sharing dental and vision encounter data, and other related points. Visit

for the complete document.

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