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Information about VisionCare Plan

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How it Works

Plan Members' Options: VisionCare Plan members have two options: to choose a doctor from our network or a non-network doctor. In either case, we keep the process simple.

Using Network Doctors: The plan member chooses a network doctor from our list, makes an appointment, and presents VisionPass during that first visit. At the end of the visit, the plan member just signs the VisionPass, paying only the deductibles and upgrade costs that may apply.

Using Non-network doctors: The plan member makes an appointment with a non-network doctor, pays the bill at the end of the visit, and sends the receipt and the unused VisionPass to us. We reimburse the plan member according to our predetermined schedule of benefits.

Once you select VisionCare Plan, we prepare certificates and request postcards for distribution to participating employees. When plan members want care, they can call our toll-free number, fax, or mail the card. We then send a VisionPass and a list of doctors. (If someone isn't eligible, we tell them why.)

7 Easy Steps...
  1. The VisionCare Plan brochure is distributed to your employees, detailing the plan benefits you have made available to them.

  2. An employee who needs care can request a VisionPass in a number of ways: by contacting us at this Web site; faxing us toll-free at 800-421-0100; calling our Customer Care Department toll-free at 800-865-FORM (3676); or filling out a pre-addressed card and mailing it to us.

  3. We verify the employee's eligibility and mail him or her a VisionPass, along with a list of VisionCare Plan doctors in the community (or any area requested).

  4. The plan member selects a doctor from the list and schedules an appointment for an eye exam.

  5. The employee presents the VisionPass at the time of the visit. It is examined by the doctor, and the member signs the form before leaving. That's the end of the employee's "paperwork."

  6. Where necessary, the doctor orders the prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses from a VisionCare Plan-approved lab, verifies their accuracy and fits them on the employee.

  7. VisionCare Plan pays the doctor directly for his or her professional services. It really is just as easy as that!
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We call or visit all clients regularly, respond quickly if a plan member is dissatisfied and send a questionnaire to every 25th member who uses the plan. We don't ignore problems - we solve them!


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